Roz Segal

Roz Segal

Dean for Graduate Education
Professor of Neurobiology
Roz Segal

Spring 2022 Schedule
On Campus Monday - Thursday
Remote on Friday

Research in the Segal Lab is at the interface of neurobiology and cancer biology. We address the interactions between the nervous system and cancers, including the contributions of the nervous system to tumor micro-environment, and the responses of the nervous system to invasive cancers and to cancer treatment. We use sophisticated compartmented culture systems to identify the role of axonal transport in growth factor signaling initiated by tumor cells, and to examine the mechanism of axonal survival and degeneration in response to chemotherapy. Our published work has focused on mechanisms regulating axonal transport and local protein synthesis in the axons. We build on these studies to develop novel therapies for Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy and other neurodegenerative disorders. Other projects in the lab have pioneered new approaches for propagating pediatric brain tumors in order to evaluate targeted therapies and combination therapies, work that has enabled these therapies to advance to clinical trials.

Contact Information

Dana Farber Cancer Institute
360 Longwood Avenue
Boston, MA 02215
p: 617-432-1824