Internship Guidelines

Internships are considered an integral part of a student’s educational experience and should be viewed as a path forward in a student’s career development. As such, approved internships will carry academic credit and will be listed with a DMS course number. Ordinarily, students will be limited to one internship during their PhD career in DMS. The internship should be something that is relevant to career development. It should be discussed with the PI and DAC committee (or program advisor, where applicable) prior to approval. Student should be expected to explain how the internship supports their dissertations or career development and how they may benefit from the experience. Some students may not be eligible for internships due to program requirements, academic standing, or advisor input. Additionally, DMS does not provide stipend support for students during the internship period so we encourage students to pursue paid internship opportunities. While DMS may approve unpaid internships, the students will need to be able to support themselves financially during the internship period.

DMS Requirements

In order to be eligible a student must be in good academic standing and must have completed DMS and program specific requirements, as confirmed by the Director of Student Affairs.

  • The student completes the DMS Internship request form no less than two months prior to the start of the internship. This process includes approval from the dissertation advisor or program administrator (when applicable), and approval from the DAC Committee Chair.
  • The internship is limited to 3 months or less.
  • A copy of the invitation letter or offer from the sponsoring organization showing a description of the intended internship, length of internship and the salary. This is to be submitted to DMS along with the internship request form.
  • A description, from the student, of the work to be done during the internship and how it integrates with the student’s program of study. In addition, state briefly your academic plan upon your return to graduate school at the end of your internship (e.g. complete course work, return to dissertation lab).
  • A copy of the sponsoring institute’s compensation package. For paid internships, students must receive at least the current DMS stipend rate.
    • DMS does not provide stipend support for unpaid internships, any student seeking an unpaid internship position should discuss the details of the internship with Director of Student Affairs.
  • Financial contact information should be included with the compensation package.
  • That the internship is a full-time endeavor, vacations are not to be scheduled during the internship period.
  • The student must notify the DMS Student Affairs & Finance offices if unplanned absences occur during the internship. For example: if a student discontinues or leaves their internship before the intended completion end date, these offices must be informed.
  • Students enroll in the DMS Internship Course on their study card under Med. Sci. 325.
  • An evaluation from the organization at the end of the internship in order to receive a grade (pass/fail).
  • International students are required to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) approval through the Harvard International Office in order to verify eligibility.

Please submit the Internship application form by email to:

Updated July 7, 2020

Internship program and guidelines are subject to change.

Division of Medical Sciences, TMEC 435, Harvard Medical School
260 Longwood Avenue, Boston, MA 02115

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