Bjorn R. Olsen

Bjorn R. Olsen

Professor of Developmental Biology, Hersey Professor of Cell Biology
Bjorn R. Olsen

Research Activities

My laboratory studies skeletal and vascular development, growth and remodeling/repair. Work is currently directed at three projects.

In the first project we investigate mechanisms that control the development and homeostasis of the vertebrate skeleton, using a combination of human and mouse genetics and studies of cells in culture. We are particularly interested in elucidating the pathogenetic mechanisms by which specific mutations affect skeletal growth and repair/regeneration in human diseases.

In a second project we study the mechanism by which vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGF) regulates mesenchymal stem cell differentiation into osteoblasts and adipocytes.

In the third project we study causes of degenerative joint disease (osteoarthritis) in humans and mice. One approach has involved identification of mutations responsible for early-onset osteoarthritis as part of inherited osteochondrodysplasias and cellular/molecular analyses of pathogenetic mechanisms. Recently, we are also investigating strategies aimed at reducing the progression of osteoarthritis.

Contact Information

Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Developmental Biology REB 409B
188 Longwood Ave
Boston, MA 02115
p: 617-432-1874

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