David T. Scadden

David T. Scadden

Professor of Stem Cell and Regenerative Biology
David T. Scadden

The Scadden laboratory focuses on blood: how it is made, how it is corrupted in malignancy and how understanding it can lead to new therapies. We think of bone marrow as the perfect system to examine tissue systems biology. We combine in vivo imaging, clonal labeling and single cell technologies to assess how non-blood cell components of the bone marrow or thymus direct blood cell production, both normal and malignant. We emphasize the molecular drivers of these events and how modulating them can lead to therapeutic outcomes. Our focus is basic but our priorities are set by line of sight to clinical application. Multiple companies have emerged from discovery work in the laboratory and patients are receiving therapies today based on it. We welcome those who want to study the physiologic principles of blood cell production and apply those principles to solving real-world clinical problems.

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