Hong Chen

Hong Chen

Associate Professor of Surgery
Hong Chen

Dr. Chen's group has developed a number of novel conditional mouse strains that have aided in their detailed characterization and elucidation of the molecular mechanisms of epsin-dependent dysfunctions in heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer, using genetic approaches combined with an arsenal of biochemical and molecular and cellular new techniques.

We have uncovered a positive correlation between cancer severity and elevated epsins expression in human cancer patients. Importantly, elevated epsin expression is specific to the tumor cells thus implicating a tumor intrinsic role for epsins in the development and progression of cancer. Methodical in vivo and in vitro analyses of these epsin deficient models allowed us to delineate oncogenic roles for epsins in cancer development and progression. We have also embarked on studies to identify and characterize the mechanistic basis of heart disease. We are well positioned to unveil novel therapeutic targets that can promote angiogenic and lymphatic regeneration to correct defective angiogenesis and lymphangiogenesis, suppress undesired inflammation to treat obesity, and retard cancer initiation and progression.

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Boston Children's Hospital
Karp Family Research Laboratories, Room 12.214
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Boston, MA 02115
p: 617-919-6304