Wenyi Wei

    Wenyi Wei

    Professor of Pathology
    Aberrant cell cycle regulation leads to cancer development. Proper cell cycle transitions are driven by waves of ubiquitin-dependent degradation of key cell... Read more about Wenyi Wei
    Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
    CLS Building Room 637
    330 Brookline Avenue
    Boston, MA 02115
    p: 617-735-2495
    Ramnik J. Xavier

    Ramnik J. Xavier

    Kurt J. Isselbacher Professor of Medicine in the Field of Gastroenterology

    The primary research goal of the Xavier Laboratory at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Broad Institute is to discover and understand the function of...

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    Massachusetts General Hospital
    Center for Computational & Integrative Biology
    185 Cambridge Street - Simches 7222
    Boston, MA 02114
    Tel: 617-643-3331
    Fax: 617-643-3328

    Institute Member
    Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
    415 Main St., 7th Floor
    Cambridge, MA 02142
    p: 617-643-3331