Evan Macosko

Evan Macosko

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry
Evan Macosko

The human brain—and the diseases that afflict it—present unique challenges for experimental study, chief among them being tissue availability (only at postmortem) and profound cell non-autonomy in tissue function. Our lab seeks to develop technologies that address these fundamental challenges, and then deploy them to better understand the brain. We have focused especially on building tools to measure gene expression within individual cells (Drop-seq) and tissue sections (Slide-seq) that together provide a foundation for defining the cell types and states that are present in the brain. Current efforts include: 1) building new technologies for uncovering molecular and cellular interactions in the brain; 2) constructing a brain-wide atlas of cell types and understanding inter-individual variation; 3) leveraging these tools to uncover fundamental principles of neurodegenerative and neuropsychiatric disease pathogenesis.

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