George Quentin Daley

George Quentin Daley

Dean of the Faculty of Medicine
Caroline Shields Walker Professor of Medicine
George Quentin Daley

Our lab focuses on stem cell biology, with an emphasis on somatic cell reprogramming, hematopoietic differentiation from human and mouse pluripotent stem cells, and common mechanisms in reprogramming and cancer. Our subgroups study:

  • The differentiation of hematopoietic (blood producing) stem cells, platelets, red cells, and T cells from embryonic and induced pluripotent cells. We study hematopoietic development in mouse embryos and in human and mouse pluripotent stem cells to define the molecular genetic programs that enable formation of HSCs and transfusable blood products in experimental and therapeutic models.
  • Derivation of personalized, patient-derived pluripotent stem cells: We use somatic cell reprogramming to establish human cell culture models of disease, and to model combined gene and cell transplantation therapy of human genetic disorders.
  • The Lin28/let-7 pathway in reprogramming, human cancer and metabolic disease: We have linked this pathway to human cancer, germ cell development, and regulation of human growth and developmental timing. The pathway is also important in somatic cell reprogramming, and in linking cancer cell proliferation and cellular metabolism.

Contact Information

Boston Children's Hospital
Karp Family Research Building 7214
One Blackfan Circle
Boston, MA 02115
p: 617-919-2015