Tomas L. Kirchhausen

Tomas L. Kirchhausen

Professor of Cell Biology
Tomas L. Kirchhausen

Our research focuses on the processes that mediate and regulate the movement of membrane proteins throughout cells. In particular our studies have help define molecular mechanisms that underlie the cell's sorting machineries mediated by the clathrin pathway, the principal route responsible for receptor-mediated endocytosis and for secretion, a route critical for reuptake of membrane at synapses, and a mode of entry usurped by many viral and bacterial pathogens. These biological phenomena have importance for the understanding of such diseases as cancer, viral infection and pathogen invasion, Alzheimer's, as well as other neurological diseases. We also study how during cell division, cells control their size and organelle architecture.

Our work is characterized by use of emerging technologies -- from the early days of molecular cloning to contemporary live-cell imaging. We use the tools of x-ray crystallography, electron cryomicroscopy, single-molecule biophysics and frontier optical-imaging modalities including lattice light sheet microscopy to examine cellular membrane remodeling processes. 

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