George Mcdonald Church

George Mcdonald Church

Robert Winthrop Professor of Genetics
George Mcdonald Church
Our research focuses on new technologies for genomic & proteomic measurement, synthesis and modeling of biomedical & ecological systems -- in particular, personal genomics and biofuels. We have developed next-generation sequencing methods to analyze the output of combinatorial selections as well as comprehensive gene-environment-trait data for affordable personalized medicine. We reprogram human skin-derived pluripotent skin cells to connect cis-regulatory motif variants in populations to allele-specific and cell-type-specific RNA measures and further to causal effects on cell and larger-scale morphologies. We are developing tools for connecting functional microbiomics with (VDJ-ome) immune responses.

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Harvard Medical School
Genetics, NRB, Rm. 238D
77 Avenue Louis Pasteur
Boston, MA 02115
p: 617-432-7562

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